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JESUS healed Would you like to know what healed this dog  from tumors in his ears?






Fifteen Year Old Dog with Colon Tumors
I am so excited about transfer factor plus. First of all I want to Thank God that He led me to do research online to find holistic healing. I've been giving the product to my senior dog Charlie for nearly two months because his vet told me that Charlie had tumors in his colon and could be cancerous. I took him to the vet yesterday for a check up and the doctor was amazed, he thought it was a different dog, he said he didn't know what to say except that the tumors are gone. I explained about transfer factors and my prayers and he said that I must have a direct connection to God because Charlie is doing great, I told him I do and its Jesus Christ.  Esther Lopez

Paralyzed dog recovered use of hind legs 

 "I must say before I received the Transfer Factor I was really anxious and I would be afraid that my Ridgeback dog, Linkin, would give up.  As soon as the package arrived from England I started giving Linkin 2 tablets a day for the first 3 weeks. 

He has improved in leaps and bounds and it is hard to believe that some 4 weeks ago he could not walk by himself and could hardly move around at all.  I had to carry his hind legs with a towel around his waist otherwise he just could not get around. 

After two weeks on TF+, he started trying to get up onto his hind legs.  It was difficult and heart breaking to see him struggle but he was trying.  After four weeks on TF+, he managed to walk around even though he lost his balance and he hind legs would give way. 

He is now walking and running around, although still a little wobbly, and he also tries to jump but does not always succeed.  It is absolutely fantastic to see the improvement from week to week." 

Dog's recover from Auto Immune Haemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)
My dog Arnie had been given up on by the vet. He had acute anemia, a disease characterized by increased destruction of red blood cells (erythrocytes) by the dog's own immune system, and quite honestly we were making arrangements for his funeral. After one week on Transfer Factor we noticed a dramatic improvement. Three months later,  after finishing the entire course, Arnie is doing so well that he no longer needs Transfer Factor Plus. He now has so much energy on his new diet (James well beloved) that we have to restrict his intake or we could be pulling him off the ceiling. He is putting on weight steadily as is his partner Heidi, She has been on Transfer Factor also and it has cured her scaly flaky skin condition on her back. Dave Burrows in East Bourne, United Kingdom


Dog Healed from serious limping

"My dog, Freckles,  has been on the Transfer Factor for about a month now. WOW! I love this product. She was limping before TF because of the rod that is in her hip. I couldn'd understand because I was feeding her a raw diet , pure water, and herbal supplements. Shortly after taking TF, I noticed that she doesn't limp at all. I have increased her walks from 30 minutes to 45-60 minutes and she runs the entire time and seems to have a abundance of energy. My main reason for giving her TF was to build her immune system to help fight off heartworm and fleas and ticks since I had decided to put those drugs in her body. She is even much healthier now. My sister commented last week that Freckles looks so healthy. Since giving her the TF, I have also included Barleans's flax seed oil for animals, added clay to her water and food and a little sea salt to her water. She is a picture of health. I think she's surpassed me :). Thanks for all your help! Freckles thanks you also." Crystal Dunlap


Healed of Chronic Infected Anal Glands

"I have 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks that were suffering from chronic infected anal glands! Antibiotics were ineffective because they helped only for brief periods. The veterinarian wanted to operate but we refused because it is a dangerous procedure. I searched the internet for a natural solution for anal gland infection and learned about Transfer Factor. I immediately ordered this product and gave it to Thika. Within a short time, his anal glands symptoms cleared up completely. My other dog, 4 year old Zima, was recently adopted and has been experiencing incontinence.  We're not sure of the cause. Her former guardians only walked her a few minutes a day. Now, she goes for walks with us for a couple of hours a day and we've been giving her Transfer Factor daily for a week.  Her incontinence problem has cleared up. Last week I ran out of Transfer Factor Plus and Zima became slightly incontinent again. When we resumed the Transfer Factor, her incontinence cleared up once more." Jan Schaddenhorst


Dog Cured of Red Mange

 "I have a French Bulldog Puppy that at about 5 months old developed "red mange". I have never heard of it before and I drove her to my vet for hair loss around her face and neck. My vet performed a scraping and sure enough, it was mange. He told me that in Bulldog breeds, it is quite common to see an immature immune system. This type of mange is caused by a microscopic parasite that invades the hair follicles and causes the hair loss. 

Most other dog breeds with stronger immune systems can just fight it off. My vet told me the way to get rid my puppy of this was to use a special dip once a week for four weeks. I said OK, sell me this dip and I will apply it. He said no way. That it is VERY toxic and I couldn't handle it without special clothing and gloves. I thought this was the only way to treat this problem. I agreed to bring my puppy back the next day and have her 1st treatment. 

When I came back to pick her up, I was just sick. My puppy's eyes were blood red and she was just lethargic. I knew right then and there I was not going to bring her back for anymore treatments. I began to research all that I could about how to treat this horrible mange, and that is where I came across the information on Transfer Factor. I ordered a bottle of the Transfer Factor Plus, and began giving it to her right away. Within about ten days I saw her hair was growing back. Within three weeks she was beautiful. I have people stop me and comment about how pretty she is and how nice and shiny her coat looks. 



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