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Dixie-165 lbs.

Star-120 lbs.

To see more pictures of Star go to her page.

To know more about Dixie go to my male page.

Both of these dogs have a lot in common, not to mention they each have the European lines, in which Dixie has a stronger European line!

Dixie is an incredible dog which posses a large, square head coupled with his wide muzzle. Star has a square head as well and they both have level bites, and very muscular bodies!!



These are some pictures of what big Dixie has produced!!


Siria- 3.5 years- 138 lbs.

SAVENDIE SEALAND AKA "Orlando"12 months-120 lbs.



12 months-120lbs.

Camilla-11 months-115 lbs.


Duca- 5 months

Duca-155 lbs.  Another one of Big Dixie's sons !!



Here are some photos of some parents and grand parents of Star and Dixie!




All of our puppies are raised in our home with constant supervision and handling for the first 2 weeks of their lives.  We have 3 children that interact with the puppies daily which helps the puppies become very outgoing and well socialized.  We also start potty training them at 3 weeks old and they will be familiar with a collar and leash.  This is highly important for the new owners so the puppy can adapt quickly to their new surroundings especially if you plan to show.  We have compliments from past clients on how well the puppy adapted and veterinarians comment on how well socialized they are at 8 weeks old.   They will also be vet checked, have their 1st shots, and be de-wormed before going to their new home.  Our efforts of building a good foundation is intended for your benefit.  As responsible breeders we have the best interests in mind for you, their owner.  





All of our puppies come with a 5 year guarantee against severe hip dysplasia.  The puppies are checked over by a veterinarian at 8 weeks old before going to their new home.  We welcome back any puppies that do not work out in their new home for any reason.  We want the best situation possible for them. 





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